When Can You Catch November’s Beaver Moon

Monday, November 27th, will be the day of the full moon, sometimes referred to as the Beaver Moon will be available for viewing.

The maximum light will be seen at 4:16 a.m. EST, shortly before daybreak.

Gazing to the west in the morning will give you a view of the full moon. If you can’t make it out then, it will be visible the night before on Sunday, Nov. 26 just after the sun sets.

A full moon arises approximately every 29.5 days, so November’s full moon will be the final one of the fall season.

Why Is It Called The Beaver Moon?

Names for full moons have been traditionally sourced from different cultures, such as Native American, Colonial American and European folklore, as noted by The Old Farmer’s Almanac.

This season, beavers begin stockpiling food and perfecting their lodges for the winter. When the fur trade was predominant in North America, it was also the season when trappers would set out to capture beavers for their heavy winter coats.

It is possible that either of two notions may have led to the origin of the title of the full moon in November.