Valley Physician Arrested For Allegedly Attacking Female At WM Phoenix Open

Photo: Dr. Arthur De Luigi – Mayo Clinic

According to Scottsdale police, a female was attacked without reason by a prominent physician from the Mayo Clinic during the WM Phoenix Open. The doctor is now facing charges for his actions.

A well-known doctor was taken into custody for allegedly attacking a woman outside of the Bird’s Nest concert venue during the WM Phoenix Open event in Scottsdale.

According to reports, Dr. Arthur De Luigi was among the 54 individuals who were apprehended during the WM Phoenix Open. De Luigi has been charged with assault and disorderly conduct.

Scottsdale police officers observed the individual moments prior to the incident knocking down signs and railings. Without any apparent cause, Dr. Arthur De Luigi abruptly changed direction and is seen on surveillance video targeting a woman who was walking among a group of others. He hurried towards the woman and forcefully pushed her, causing her to lose her balance and fall to the ground.

According to the victim’s relatives, she was not acquainted with De Luigi and is currently receiving medical care for the injuries sustained during the attack.

De Luigi holds the position of chair for the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and is the Director of Sports Medicine at the Mayo Clinic in Arizona. His experience includes being the primary team doctor for the NBA’s Washington Wizards and a physician for the Washington Nationals baseball team. Additionally, De Luigi has volunteered as a team physician for the Phoenix Rising.

De Luigi is scheduled to appear in Scottsdale City Court on March 7.