U-Haul Will No Longer Hire Nicotine Users

If you want to work for U-Haul, you better kick that smoking habit ASAP.

Starting in February, the do-it-yourself moving company headquartered in Phoenix will no longer hire nicotine users in Arizona and 20 other states where the company says this type of policy is lawful.

In states where this is considered unlawful, applicants must consent to submit to nicotine screening.

“We’re hoping to build a workforce that is free from nicotine addiction as a whole,” said Jessica Lopez, chief of staff for U-Haul.

Workers hired prior to February will not be impacted, and their jobs are not in jeopardy. They will instead have access to the company’s nicotine cessation program to help them quit smoking.

Lopez said the new policy is part of U-Haul’s efforts to establish one of the healthiest corporate cultures in the United States and Canada. The company has a “Healthier You” program launched in 2016 to help employees in four areas: health, mindset, nutrition and fitness.

“Each year it has been our mission to increase our wellness benefits program’s resources to help the needs of all team members and families to conquer their health goals,” she said. “This nicotine/tobacco-free hiring policy is the next step.”

The new policy also comes after U-Haul broke ground on a new conference and fitness center at its Midtown campus near Central Avenue and 3rd Street in Phoenix.

When it’s completed in December 2020, the center will house a medical clinic, a full-size basketball court, a two-lane track, and cardio and weightlifting equipment, among other amenities.

“If we take care of our team members, they take care of our business,” Lopez said.

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