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The Growth of Online Real Estate Agents

These days, every industry is making digital strides and real estate is no exception. It’s becoming easier and easier to buy and sell properties online, with some real estate agencies operating exclusively on the internet. If you’re a newly qualified real estate agent or you’re hoping to break into the industry in the near future, then you might be wondering whether to choose an online brokerage or go down a more traditional route. This blog will help you to understand a bit more about how the online world could change the way you find and connect with clients.

Is Compass good for new agents?

Compass Real Estate is one of the many online brokerages you could choose to join. With a USA-wide presence, Compass can be a great option for newly-qualified agents looking to get some experience in the real estate world. The brokerage is invested in each of its agents’ professional development and has training and mentoring opportunities that you can make the most of. What’s more, Compass will reward your hard work and achievements through a commission scheme. While you might get a smaller percentage of your sales to start off with, this number will only grow as you become more experienced.

Technology-driven and human-centered

As a new real estate agent, you want to be learning current and evolving practices. There’s not much use getting experience in the old ways if they’re rapidly changing and evolving. Compass marries digital growth with more traditional person-centered methods, allowing its agents to connect with buyers like never before. This all begins with their impressive platform that makes communication and organization a hassle-free process. You’ll be able to effortlessly track listings and prices, receiving alerts for changes in the market. The platform comes with a whole host of online tools as well as an app, helping you to serve your clients when on the go.

But Compass’s status as an online real estate agent doesn’t mean their approach is detached. In fact, their philosophy focuses on helping every individual to find a place in the world where they feel at home. This means that agents can get a great deal of satisfaction from their work and really feel like they’ve made a difference. The fact that these ideas are paired so closely with cutting-edge tech brings Compass firmly into the modern-day, making it an unmissable place to grow for new agents.

Are online real estate agents here to stay?

It seems that brokerages like Compass are becoming more and more common. Real estate agents who make the most of the online world will be able to offer their clients lower fees, quicker virtual viewings, live market updates, and more. The most important thing for these agents to get right is balance. It’s for this reason that it’s unlikely agents will be solely based online, as viewing properties in person is still a valuable part of the buying process for many. However, technology will continue to grow and the digital world will only become a bigger help rather than a hindrance in the property sector.


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