The Film Rights To “Hamilton” Are Up For Grabs

If you wished you could see “Hamilton” on the big screen, you’re in luck. The hit Broadway show is coming to theaters. It won’t be anytime soon though, as studios are still bidding for the rights to produce the musical that’s based on founding father Alexander Hamilton.

The musical won’t be adapted like many Broadway shows that are made into movies, but rather it’ll be a recording of the original musical from 2016 with Lin-Manuel Miranda as Hamilton.

These movie rights don’t come cheap. “Hamilton” will be going for more than $50 million.

“Hamilton” won’t be the first successful show to be made into a movie. “The Greatest Showman” and “La La Land” have been adapted for theatrical release, and they’ve received rave reviews. 

The recording of a Broadway hit” being released in theaters is a first, and it’s a feat only special shows can accomplish. “Hamilton” is one of the most popular shows of the decade. It grosses nearly $400 million in New York City since 2015, and it won 11 Tony Awards. 

Netflix, one of the bidders on the ‘Hamilton” recording has recently purchased the rights to stream Bruce Springsteen’s one-man Broadway show, and it cost them more than $20 million. If Netflix also purchases the rights to “Hamilton,” it will only be available on their streaming service.

No matter who wins the right to show this cultural phenomenon, sellers request that it not be shown in theaters until at least 2020 to allow it to be shown exclusively on stage for a few more years.



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