Tempe Pilots ‘All-Pedestrian’ Crosswalk in Downtown Tempe

Tempe is piloting a project that will change how and when pedestrians and vehicles move. Beginning on Wednesday, March 8, the Fifth and Mill intersection will implement an ‘all-pedestrian’ crosswalk phase for a four-week pilot period.

Using an ‘all-pedestrian’ crosswalk is simple for all roadway users. While the ‘all-pedestrian’ crosswalk phase is activated, pedestrians are able to cross in any direction, including diagonally. During this phase, all vehicular traffic will be stopped, including all right-hand turn movements.

Conversely, while vehicles are moving through the intersection, pedestrian crossings will not be permitted. To help simplify the process, right hand turns on red will not be allowed during the pilot period.

Cyclists must dismount their bicycles to use the crosswalk. If they do not dismount, they are considered a vehicle and will need to follow all traffic laws, including stopping during the pedestrian crossing phase.

As with all interactions on the roadway, pedestrians, bicyclists and motorist should be aware of their surroundings and each other.

To help ease the transition, representatives from Downtown Tempe Authority will be intermittently on-site to help users navigate the intersection change.

‘All-pedestrian’ crosswalks are employed in areas with mixed-use developments and a high amount of foot traffic in an effort to improve traffic flow and separate pedestrians and vehicle movements.

The city will pilot this intersection for four weeks and reevaluate at that time. If successful, Tempe may consider making the ‘all-pedestrian’ phase a permanent feature. During the pilot phase, a survey will be available online at tempe.gov/forum where pedestrians and motorists can provide feedback on their experience throughout the duration of the pilot project.

Find more details at tempe.gov/DowntownTempeRefresh.