Streamers Can Get a Subscription to ESPN+ for $4.99 Starting April 12

On April 12th, Disney and ESPN will launch their new subscription streaming service that will be known as ESPN+. It will be available for either the monthly fee of $4.99 or for the annual fee of $49.99. This will be happening on the same day that BAMTECH will be launching the ESPN existing streaming application, that is touted as being a completely new look and design for the app, but there have been no sneak peeks released of it. ESPN+ will be included in this reboot of their existing application.

For anyone who is seriously considering ponying up the money for this streaming service, it is important to point out that there is no representation from ESPN or any of its child networks on this service. There will be no Sportscenter, or anything that you watch on your daily shows. As for sports that will be included on this service, do not think that you will be getting access to Monday Night Football or any football on the stream. There is no plan in place for any NFL airings on the ESPN+ subscription service, also there will be no airing of daily Major League games that are held by ESPN.

You may be asking yourself what is included with the service subscription. Well, there will be one MLB game per day allowed, as well on NHL game per day during the upcoming hockey season. You can add both MLBtv and NHLtv onto your ESPN+ subscription – for an additional fee. They will cover plenty of the major league soccer games, being the main source for the MLS. Other then that, there are no plans to have many other major additional sports represented on the ESPN+ subscription service. The main inclusion will be original programming, a huge on-demand library, and growing library of stuff from the ESPN vault.

As for what other sports you can expect to get with the subscription, ESPN and Disney are hoping that can appeal to fans of non-mainstream sports with plenty of coverage for boxing, college sports galore and tennis, rugby and golf. You should check in with your local listings however, as a subscription to ESPN+ will not supersede already existing local blackouts or listings. The main key of deciding whether or not to add this subscription to your streaming service is knowing what it actually will include.

Many are concluding this is almost a test run for Disney, as they have announced plans to enter the streaming service industry in 2019, pulling all of their shows and movies and providing an option to their fans of their own streaming service. As long as you go into ESPN+ with reasonable expectations, it is a good way to keep up with college sports and some other sports that aren’t always available to view on television. Either way, keep in mind caveat emptor, and you should be fine.


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