Skydiving Fatality Marks Second Death In Eloy In A Month

An investigation is currently underway regarding the passing of a 73-year-old individual who was participating in a skydiving activity in Eloy, Arizona. This marks the second fatality related to skydiving in Eloy within the span of one month.

According to authorities, Terry Gardner and a group of three experienced skydivers, had already completed two jumps earlier in the day and were preparing for a third one at noon on Wednesday. Their plan was to do a synchronized jump from an altitude of 14,000 feet. However, Gardner’s main parachute did not fully open, causing a rapid descent, as reported by the police in Eloy.

The remaining three skydivers successfully made it to the ground without any incidents, while Gardner was immediately taken to a hospital. Unfortunately, he passed away later on.

According to Skydive Arizona, Gardner resided in Casa Grande, which is approximately 15 miles northeast of Eloy. He was described as a skilled skydiver with numerous jumps under his belt.

In a statement from Skydive Arizona, the secondary parachute was not released by the jumper. The skydiver was using gear provided and maintained by the jumper and the weather was favorable. Currently, an investigation is in progress to determine the reason for the accident, and no additional statements will be made until the investigation is complete and the results are made public.

According to officials from the Federal Aviation Administration, an investigation will be conducted into the packing of the parachute and the pilot and aircraft’s adherence to flight rules.

In the event that the FAA does not uncover any proof of violating regulations, the Eloy police will take over the case.

The crash of a hot air balloon in a desert area of Eloy on January 14, which resulted in the death of a Droplyne Hot Air Balloon Rides pilot and three passengers, as well as critical injuries to another passenger, is currently being investigated by federal authorities.

Before the balloon encountered issues, eight skydivers had safely leaped out of the gondola.

According to federal investigators, the fatal crash may have been caused by an issue with the “envelope” of the balloon. The “envelope” refers to the bag that is filled with hot air to lift the balloon.