Six Flags To Purchase Glendale’s Wet ‘n’ Wild

Six Flags will eventually acquire a total of 5 properties, one of which is Glendale’s Wet ‘n’ Wild water park. The park, is the largest of its kind in Arizona, and is seen as a perfect opportunity for portfolio expansion by Six Flags executives. The deal will most likely take place in June.

Jim Reid-Anderson, Six Flag’s president, has suggested the possibility of cross-visitation passes between parks for season-pass holders. The upcoming purchase represents just a small fraction of what Six Flags hopes to do in the coming years, in terms of growth.

Six Flags Demonstrates Strategic Growth

Several other notable properties, outside the Valley, will be included in the purchase. These include: Houston’s Wet ‘n’ Wild Splashtown, Buffalo New York’s Darien Lake, Oklahoma City’s Frontier City, and White Water Bay which is another water park in Oklahoma City. The Glendale location, as well as the others, are considered to be strategic locations apart of Six Flag’s target markets.

Glendale’s Wet ‘n’ Wild is a 35 acre water park, that features a variety of slides and pools. Slides include everything from constrictors, which are snake-like in their quick-turn design, to desert racers, which are four story slides that riders undergo head first. There is also a Wet ‘n’ Wild Jr. location, which serves as the park’s child-friendly zone. In addition to entertainment, there are a variety of cafes and carts serving food and beverages at the park.

Six Flags is currently the largest amusement park corporation globally. Over 30 million people have visited the parks, making it the 7th most visited amusement park in the world. Six Flags does, however, own more properties than any amusement park companies it’s competing with. The company was originally established in Texas, and was at one time called Six Flags Over Texas.