SimonMed Imaging Launches Nationwide AI-Powered Preventative Care Service, simonONE

SimonMed Imaging, one of the largest outpatient medical imaging providers and radiology practices in the United States, today announced the launch of simonONE directly to patients to provide affordable, fast, non-invasive whole body MRI screening.

Utilizing AI, advanced clinical protocols and the best available MRI equipment, simonONE provides early detection of cancer and other diseases in the body through an MRI Whole Body scan for $650, a fraction of the price of competing offerings. The simonONE experience is a 20-30 minute MRI exam in one of SimonMed’s conveniently located offices that covers over 100 body structures from the head through the pelvis. A simonONE then reviews results with the patient in a telehealth consultation and works with the patient to establish a personalized action plan. A simonONE scan does not require a physician referral and patients can schedule exams directly with simonONE at over 20 locations across eight states, including New York, California, Illinois, Arizona, Florida, and others. A more advanced AI-powered prostate, brain and liver screening is also available.

“Through simonONE, we are combining over 20 years of clinical expertise in whole body imaging, cutting edge artificial intelligence, and advanced medical technology to deliver a powerful exam at lower cost and greater speed,” said Dr. John Simon, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of SimonMed Imaging and simonONE. “We are committed to saving lives by making preventative healthcare accessible. Approximately one in three Americans will develop cancer in their lifetime. By detecting cancer and other diseases early, patients often have better treatment options and higher survival rates.”

simonONE has significantly reduced the scan time and cost using innovations in AI to become the nationwide leader in accessibility, both in terms of value and footprint. “In comparison to new providers of whole body imaging, we have over 20 years of expertise with advanced technology in whole body imaging, and a large specialized radiology practice to support the latest advances. Our goal is to continually improve the exam while further reducing the cost and time, and this is only possible with the ongoing application of new technology,” said Dr. Simon

Following their soft launch in late 2021, simonONE has seen much interest in the preventative, non-invasive scan across all age groups. Results from the simonONE whole body MRI can be life changing, including identification of early cancers and vascular abnormalities, and can also provide patients with often needed peace of mind and better mental health.  Advanced liver screening has revealed undiagnosed but treatable liver disease. Dr. Barry Sadegi, Chief Medical Officer and Board Certified Radiologist, certified in Body Imaging noted, “When we think of preventative healthcare, simonONE is leading the way with giving patients the ability to see inside their own body and take control of their health.”

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