Scottsdale Named Best Place to Retire

Scottsdale has recently been listed as one of the best places to retire in the United States.

The article, published by IncomeInvestors.com, stated “If you love desert living, then you should seriously consider Scottsdale, Arizona as a retirement destination. And not just because of the warm and dry climate; there are other reasons why this suburban outgrowth of Phoenix is one of the best places to retire.

“The state of Arizona does not tax Social Security checks and offers many favorable financial conditions to retirees. In Scottsdale, there are more than 15 retirement communities and assisted living centers.

“There are also plenty of mountains to hike and golf courses to play. But even if you are not into those activities, keep in mind that The New York Times once described downtown Scottsdale as the desert version of Miami’s South Beach.”

Scottsdale’s cost of living is listed slightly above average on the cost of living index. However, the city offers various exciting amenities for residents and visitors alike. There are many shopping, dining, and outdoor opportunities available for individuals to take advantage of. There are about 200 golf courses located in Scottsdale alone.

Weather is another advantage to living in Scottsdale. Winters in the city tend to be very mild, and since there are a wide variety of indoor activities in the area, the warmer temperatures of summer can easily be avoided.

Another great advantage to living in Scottsdale is the surrounding area. Phoenix is a beautiful city that, like Scottsdale, has many exciting opportunities to offer. North of Scottsdales are cities such as Flagstaff and Payson which can be wonderful weekend retreats that offer beautiful scenic views.

Other cities included on Income Investors’ list include Myrtle Beach, South Carolina (3rd), Orlando, Florida (4th), Beaufort, South Carolina (5th), Las Vegas, Nevada (6th), and Austin, Texas (7th). 

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