Safeguarding Your Gmail Account From Deletion By Google

Google will be getting rid of Gmail accounts that haven’t been used in a while starting on December 1st, however there is a simple way to ensure that your images, documents created with Google Docs, and any other personal information stays safe.

In May, Google made it known that they would initiate the process of getting rid of inactive accounts starting in December, so that users had plenty of advance notice.

The accounts that Google will be targeting are email accounts that have not been used or accessed for two years. Those will be labeled as inactive.

What is the reason for Google to erase dormant accounts?

Google is making this move because it believes these accounts are more vulnerable to cybercriminals and fraudsters as users typically employ outdated passwords and are far less likely to enable two-factor authentication.

Will only Gmail be removed?

The clean up plan applies to the Google Photos, Google Docs, Google Drive and Google Meet Calendar, which will all be eradicated if they are labeled as inactive.

Google has reported that when a user’s email account is eradicated, it is gone for good with no possibility of recovery.

What is the procedure for reactivating a dormant account?

Logging into your Google account is the easiest way to accomplish one of the following tasks:

  • Send or open a message.
  • View a YouTube clip with your Gmail account.
  • Undertake a Google search while signed into your Gmail account.

If you no longer use your Gmail account but still wish to retain its content, it is possible to do so by downloading the files to your computer via Google Takeout. This feature permits you to secure a copy of all your information stored on Google products.

It is possible to send pictures to other photo repositories, or even store them on your PC or hard drive.

Time is wasting, act now if you want to keep your account from being deleted.