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Resignation of Fred DuVal as Chair of Arizona Board of Regents Due to University of Arizona’s Financial Crisis

Fred DuVal (Photo: Board of Regents)

The Arizona Board of Regents recently announced that Fred DuVal will be resigning from his position as Chair with immediate effect. Cecilia Mata, who was previously elected as Chair, will now take over his role. However, DuVal will continue to serve as a board member until his term ends in January of 2026.

In a press release released, DuVal said the issue around the University of Arizona financial crisis contributed to his decision to resign:

It’s imperative that we move away from the heat of rhetoric and politics and refocus on addressing the genuine challenges facing our institution. By resigning as board chair, I want to do my part to create space for collaborative efforts toward real solutions. I have full confidence in Chair Elect Mata’s capabilities to lead effectively in this role. Personally, this transition allows me to dedicate more time to serving the University of Arizona during my remaining two years on the board.
Fred DuVal

Mata stated that John Arnold, who currently serves as the executive director of ABOR, will be temporarily stepping down from his position in order to concentrate on his duties as the interim chief financial officer for UA.

Chad Sampson, who holds the position of ABOR Vice President of Academic Affairs and Institutional Analysis, will assume his role.

On Wednesday, Governor Katie Hobbs of Arizona will hold a meeting with ABOR and UA representatives to address the ongoing controversy and changes occurring.