Public Input Sought on Draft Police Policies – Updated Draft Use of Force

​In January, the Phoenix Police Department requested input from the community and employees on a new draft Use of Force policy. A careful review of the input and comments were done, and an updated draft has been written with policies consistent with national best practices.

“After releasing a draft of a new Use of Force policy in January, we received significant input and comments from both employees and the public,” shared Interim Chief Michael Sullivan. “I want to thank those of you who gave input and took the time to express concerns and suggestions.”

That input resulted in 44 substantive changes that emphasize the concepts of using time, distance and cover, various de-escalation techniques and force application standards. A copy of the updated draft Use of Force policy is available for review now.

In addition, public input is being sought on three additional draft policies including; Force Response Options, Reporting and Administrative Review and Duty to Intervene. Those three draft policies can be reviewed and commented on by clicking on this link. Public input will be taken until June 23, 2023.

Both the updated draft Use of Force policy and the three additional draft policies are available in both English and Spanish for review.

“As part of the department’s ongoing commitment to transparency, we will continue to seek both employee and public input involving major policy revisions,” said Chief Sullivan.

Once the policy is finalized, police employees will begin training before the new policy goes into effect in early 2024.