Power Plants Closure Would Have Disastrous Results

Officials from the Hopi Tribe are urging federal officials to consider other options when it comes to the Navajo Generating Station.

Two companies who were looking at taking over the power plant ended their negotiations last week. They felt there were too many challenges to keeping the plant open. If no options are found, the large plant may close by late 2019.

The closure would greatly affect the Hopi and Navajo tribes. The coal plant provides 85 percent of the Hopi’s budget, and 20 percent of the budget of the Navajos.

A Hopi official, Clark Tenakhongva, urges the government to continue to buy power from the plant, or find another way to provide financial support to the tribe. If another option isn’t found and the plant closes, Tenakhongva says it will be an economic catastrophe.