Pompeii Exhibit in Science Center

At the Arizona Science Center, there will be a new exhibit about the eruption of Mount Vesuvius called “Pompeii: The Exhibition,” putting on display an interesting retelling of the events of what occurred in the city that day.

In 79 AD, a disaster struck the city of Pompeii in ancient Rome. One day, Pompeii was a thriving city center full of art, action, and people. The next, it was covered in a layer of lava, ash, and other volcanic debris.

Pompeii: The Exhibition gives Arizonans the opportunity to take a look at the preserved remains of the city of Pompeii that were frozen in time by the volcano’s eruption. Volcanic debris, despite being so destructive, actually does a great job of solidifying and preserving the things that it touches.

Accordingly, more than 200 artifacts from the city will be on display, having been shipped from the National Archaeological Museum in Italy. The pieces sent truly bring the city to life before visitors.

As the Arizona Science Center puts it, visitors to the museum will “become time travelers, transported to the bustling commercial port and strategic military and trading center of Pompeii.” Some of the most moving pieces in the exhibition feature full human bodies that were caught up in the destruction of the blast. Again, from the Arizona Science Center, “In perhaps the most powerful portion of the exhibition, exquisite body casts of adults and children will vividly communicate the emotions of the victims.”

Pompeii: The Exhibition will be open from November 18th to May 28th of next year, giving residents of surrounding areas over six months to visit the showing. Ticket prices are $11.95 for adults and just $9.95 for children. The Arizona Science Center can be found in Downtown Phoenix on Washington Street.

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