Pizza Hut Offers ‘Reverse Delivery’ Doormat to Give Pizza to Delivery Drivers

This holiday season, Pizza Hut is making it easier to share the joy with their new project, ‘Leave a Box And Get a Box.’

This holiday season, Pizza Hut is offering a Reverse Delivery doormat, with the goal of giving thanks to the drivers who deliver more than 110 million boxes annually. As a token of gratitude, the doormat will provide delivery drivers with a free box of pizza.

From the 6th of December, Pizza Hut patrons can start ordering the “Reverse Delivery” mat from

The Pizza Hut doormat features a code that takes the delivery driver straight to Here, the driver is able to redeem a gift card code from Pizza Hut.

At a time where delivery drivers are putting in countless hours to bring happiness to numerous households, Pizza Hut is inviting customers to show their appreciation by partnering with Pizza Hut to give back.

Pizza Hut has stated that 50 mats will be available for purchase on a first come, first served basis until December 10th.

Delivery drivers will have the ability to scan the Quick Response code in order to retrieve a Pizza Hut gift card code before the supply runs out by December 27th.