Phoenix Partners With Recycling Companies To Turn Plastic Into Fuel

The Phoenix Public Works Department’s new partnership with Renew Phoenix plans to turn low-value plastics into fuel.

This choice comes after China chose to never again acknowledge certain reused materials from the United State, as indicated by a press release.

This forced the city of Phoenix to discover new imaginative answers for its recycled material.

“This an ideal case of the team Phoenix approach, where the city and business community meet up to make a public-private partnership to build the city’s circular economy,” Councilman Michael Nowakowski said in an statement on Wednesday.

“This new pursuit will benefit all residents and businesses while urging others to bring next-generation technology to the city of Phoenix to enable us to make an increasingly supportable and more advantageous planet for our children.”

Renew Phoenix, a joint venture among Renewlogy and Produced Materials Recovery, will work to fabricate a facility to process the materials on Phoenix’s Resource Innovation Campus, as indicated by the release.

Renew Phoenix plans to change over the material by utilizing a  chemical recycling process to turn around the plastic to essential atoms that enable them to be changed into fuel.

The project is relied upon to change over 10 tons of plastic waste a day, which is equivalent to 60 barrels of fuel.

“Renewlogy is amped up for bringing our technology to Phoenix and making a progressively round economy around plastic waste locally,” Priyanka Bakaya, founder and CEO of Renewlogy, said in the release.

“Phoenix will serve as a model for cities around the nation searching for local solutions for plastic waste.”

This is the most recent project in the city’s Rethink Phoenix activity to build the city’s waste diversion rate and at last achieve zero plastic waste by 2050.