Governor Signs Bill Impacting Early Voting

There’s a new Arizona law that should make it easier for voters to have their voices heard.

The governor of Arizona, Doug Ducey, recently signed Senate Bill 1054, a bill that should resolve early voting signature issues. The bill also makes it possible for county recorder’s to start counting mail-in votes two weeks before the election. Previously, votes couldn’t be counted until one week before. If a signature on a vote is questionable, the voter will be contacted and have five days to correct the issue.

Voter signatures became a problems during the 2018 Senate race. After the election, GOP parties in four counties filed lawsuits against Maricopa and Pima county election officials. The lawsuits stated that county recorders weren’t following a standard for giving voters the chance to fix problems with their ballots. The lawsuit was settled out of court.

This isn’t the first voter-related Bill that Ducey has signed. He recently signed a bill that would require a voter to have identification to cast an early voting ballot.