Officials Offer Warning and Tips To Tourists Looking to Hike Phoenix Mountains

A major influx in tourists this week means there will be an increase of people getting out and enjoying the beauty of Arizona hiking on our mountains and trails. With that comes the risk of emergencies of those who have put themselves in situations where they have underestimated the difficulty of the hike or possibly dehydration.

Unfortunately for many, visitors can soon discover that hiking is no simple feat.  For many out of town travelers, getting up on some of the more rigorous trails for the first time can be more of a challenge than what they were expecting. The terrain on many of our valley mountains are steep and strenuous. Several hikers died on Phoenix mountains during the extreme heat over the years. Officials warn that all hikers should know their limits. They advise to turn around and cut your hike short if necessary.

Too often tourists do not make it back down the mountain on their own. In some cases Phoenix rescue is called out to assist hikers who started their adventure a little too late in the day and can’t make it back down in the dark.

City of Phoenix Firefighters urge the importance of educating out of town visitors who plan to hike while in Arizona. All hiker should:
-Drink water and bring extra water to last throughout the hike.
-Have a fully charged cell phone.
-Wear appropriate attire, including quality shoes that offer ankle support and clothing layers for weather change.
-Let someone know where you are going and when you are expected to return.

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