AZDHS Records A Surge Of 20% In New HIV Cases Across Arizona

The Arizona Department of Health Services (AZDHS) announced a 20% surge in the number of new HIV cases across the state.

The Arizona Department of Health Services published its HIV AIDS IN ARIZONA Annual Report, providing medical practitioners with an enhanced understanding of the circumstances. The report can be accessed here.

Data from the report indicates that in 2022, the number of individuals in Arizona living with HIV/Aids was 19,894.

In 2021, Arizona recorded 852 HIV cases, which was an increase of 20% from the 975 cases reported the year before.

According to the AZDHS, the increase in HIV cases was the result of a reduced number of tests implemented during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown and other precautionary measures.

Medical professionals believe that reducing the negative perceptions associated with the illness can be beneficial, as a lack of knowledge about precautionary measures and treatment options persists in some communities.

According to the yearly evaluation, even though progress has been made in the area of curbing and managing HIV/ AIDs, Arizona still requires measures to impede the disease’s transmission.

Pima County witnessed a growth of 15%, with 141 new HIV cases documented. Maricopa County accounted for the majority of all HIV/AIDS cases reported, with a total of 647.

In 2022, Pinal County saw an increase of 80 new HIV/AIDS cases, which was the highest incidence rate in the state according to AZDHS. Of those cases, 70% were people in prison.

In Cochise County, the number of HIV cases increased to 14.

The AZDHS data reveals that the majority (86%) of new HIV and AIDS cases were diagnosed in individuals born male. Of that number, 56% of the cases were men who have sex with men. The ages of 30 to 34 and 25 to 29 were the highest affected by the virus, with Hispanic people making up over 40% of the total new cases (405 out of 975).

In general, Arizona has been experiencing an increase of HIV and STI cases. Medical professionals say it is essential to be aware of one’s HIV status. The illness does not solely affect the LGBTQ+ population, but anybody who is sexually active. It is recommended to be tested for HIV at least annually.

The AZDHS reported that last year, 326 Arizonans passed away due to HIV-related causes.

If you or anyone close to you may have been exposed to HIV, more information and testing sites can be accessed HERE.