Organ Stop Pizza Organist Announces Retirement After More Than 40 years

If you’ve had pizza at the Organ Stop Pizza in Mesa, you know it is a unique treat to enjoy the talents of an organist who has performed at the Valley-based restaurant for over 40 years.

Lew Williams will make his final regular appearance on Friday.

“Lew really helped shape Organ Stop Pizza into the restaurant that it is today,” Jack Barz, co-owner of the restaurant, said in a press release. “His commitment to performance is second to none.”

Williams’ unique career has taken him around the world when he wasn’t entertaining customers at Organ Stop.

He has performed in England, France, Australia and more over the years. Williams was named Organist of the Year by the American Theater Organ Society in 1988.

Williams still has regular customer who watches him perform every Wednesday and Friday evening.

“His talent is so vast and incredible, he certainly leaves huge shoes to fill,” Barz said in the release. “Lew will be greatly missed by customers and staff alike. Organ Stop Pizza will forever be grateful for his years of performance magic.”

Organ Stop did say that Williams may be back for occasional special performances.

Glenn Taller, an experienced organist originally from Chicago, will join Organ Stop’s musical staff starting on Wednesday.


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