Northern Arizona School District’s Announces Major Student Transportation Change

The Flagstaff school district is reducing their student transportation services.

The Flagstaff Unified School District recently announced that many middle and high schoolers in the city will need to find alternate means of getting to school in the upcoming year due to extensive alterations in their transportation services.

When students return from their winter break on Jan. 4, the school district will no longer offer transportation for high schoolers residing in the city and those in middle and high school who are enrolled in magnet or out-of-boundary schools.

Residents of Doney Park, Baderville, Parks, Bellemont, Mountainaire, Kachina Village, Cameron, Leupp and other outlying areas who are high school students will still be given transportation provided by the district.

The school district took action in light of instructions from the Arizona Department of Public Safety, that the buses for middle and high schoolers “were to have no more than two people per seat in order to adhere to the Department of Transportation safety protocols,” as stated in the district’s announcement.

The district has declared that it is essential to make reductions “in order to comply with the demand, guarantee the students’ safety, and enhance the transportation services for those who are eligible with the limited staff and resources available.”

For the 2024 spring semester, the school district will provide Mountain Line bus passes to those students who have no means of transportation, upon request.

No changes will be put into effect that would affect the transportation eligibility of students at Summit High School or those who are given specialized education, those who are facing homelessness, or those who are receiving foster care services, according to the district.

The district intends to communicate all transportation changes to the families that will be directly impacted.