New Traffic Cameras Coming To Scottsdale Intersections

Scottsdale is doing its part in keeping drivers safe. They are adding photo enforcement systems, commonly known as traffic cameras, to four intersections in the city. The systems will be up and running on March 1, and the city’s goal is to catch speeders and drivers who run red lights.

The cameras will be located at the intersections of Scottsdale Road and Pinnacle Peak Road, Shea Boulevard and 92nd Street, Frank Lloyd Wright and Greenway-Hayden Loop, and Indian School Road and Hayden Road.

The city won’t begin ticketing drivers immediately. They plan to give drivers a grace period and only issue warnings to those who violate the law.

The traffic cameras at the intersections of Thomas Road and Hayden Road and McDowell Road and Scottsdale Road will no longer be in use. The decision to deactivate these cameras and add new systems is based on traffic, the amount of speed violations, and the amount of crashes.

“The technology helps us enforce traffic laws and allows us to maximize the deployment of our patrol officers throughout the city,” says Alex Ristuccia, the photo enforcement manager at the Scottsdale Police department.

According to a Lee Engineering study from 2017, these types of systems do work. Crashes decreased by almost 24 percent when cameras were introduced to an area.

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