New Fee Being Added To Arizona Vehicle Registration Cost

For those that are prone to procrastinating, it might be best to avoid that when it comes to registering your vehicle in Arizona.

Starting Saturday, those needing to register vehicles will be subject to a new fee. The news was announced by the Arizona Department of Transportation. 

The new fee, a public safety fee, was created by state law in an effort to support public safety and highway patrol operations. The money will be put towards public safety funding, along with the maintenance and construction of Arizona highways. 

A majority of drivers must pay $32 per vehicle each year, while the cost will be $5 for street-legal golf carts and primarily off-highway vehicles.

The price change will begin immediately for newly registered vehicles and will go into effect in registrations due in January.

In Arizona, the vehicle registration cost is based on the car’s value, the registration’s validity length, whether an emissions test is needed and any added late fees.

Regardless if drivers elect to register a vehicle annually or pay for two- or five-year registrations, the entire cost must be paid in advance for each registered year.

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