Most Popular Baby Names in Arizona in 2023 Released

In 2023, the Arizona Department of Health Services released the most popular baby names given in the state of Arizona. reported that Liam and Olivia were the most popular names given to babies in the state of Arizona.

Parents made Liam the most popular name for the fourth consecutive year. And the name has been a top contender for the last 10 years. Olivia claimed the most popular name in the state for the girls. Health officials say the Top 10 names have been mostly unchanged for the past few years.

The following are most popular baby names in Arizona in 2023:

1. OliviaLiam
2. IsabellaMateo
3. EmmaNoah
4. MiaOliver
5. CamilaSantiago
6. SophiaElijah
7. AmeliaSebastian
8. CharlotteEzra
9. EvelynLevi
10. LunaBenjamin

In the past few years, Isabella, Emma, Sophia/Sofia, Noah, Oliver, and Mateo have all been amongst the most frequently chosen baby names.

When it comes to naming their children, parents in Arizona largely follow the same trends that parents in other states do. Certain names tend to be most preferred in the Grand Canyon state, and these names can also be found on most-picked name lists nationwide.

The Arizona Department of Health Services noted that popular names haven’t undergone much alteration in the past ten years. In 2013, the most favored names for females in Arizona were Sophia, Isabella, Emma, Mia, and Olivia; while Liam, Noah, Jacob, Alexander, and Daniel were the top names for boys.

Over the last three decades, the preferences in baby names have shifted drastically. In 1993, the three most popular names for girls were Jessica, Ashley and Samantha, according to the ADHS. Only Samantha has managed to remain in the top 100, though just barely, as it was at the 96th spot on the list in 2023.

In 1993, Michael, Christopher and Daniel were the most widely used names for newborn boys. Today, two of those three names remain among the top 100 popular baby names.