Maricopa County Offers New Employee Benefit To Working Parents

On Wednesday, the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors approved a $13 million contract with KinderCare Learning Companies to operate a future childcare facility at 441 W. Madison St., near the county administration building and many other county-owned facilities in downtown Phoenix.

“This funding shows Maricopa County’s commitment to supporting county employees and their families,” said Chairman Clint Hickman, District 4.  “This resource is just one of the many benefits the county offers to attract and retain a qualified workforce in the long term.”

MCKids Club will serve county employees and their families exclusively, providing a safe, supportive learning environment for kids six weeks to five years old.  It will be open seven days a week, and eventually 24 hours a day to accommodate second and third shift workers.

“Finding reliable and affordable childcare remains one of the biggest barriers to employment, particularly for women,” said Jen Pokorski, County Manager.  “This facility will help numerous Maricopa County families balance work and family responsibilities more effectively.”

Construction on MCKids Club is scheduled to begin in early 2024 with an opening date sometime in 2025.  But county employees won’t have to wait that long to get access to lower cost childcare.  KinderCare will provide county staff with a 10% discount on full-time, part-time, or drop-in tuition at any of their facilities starting November 1.

“Childcare is a vital benefit, ranked second only to health insurance,” said Dan Figurski, President of KinderCare for Employers. “Employers, like Maricopa County, who offer their employees flexible childcare benefits are better able to retain their current employees, attract new talent, and boost productivity by reducing some of the stress that comes with finding quality childcare.”