Man Fleeing From Officers Leads To Crash, Multiple People Injured, Including a Child

Anthony Knox

On Saturday, Phoenix police arrested a man for causing a collision that resulted in injuries to three individuals after he was attempting to escape from a police officer.

22-year-old Anthony Knox was arrested and taken to jail for various offenses, which include physically injuring someone with aggravated assault and fleeing from law enforcement.

According to the Phoenix Police Department, a sergeant was conducting a patrol in the vicinity of Peoria Avenue and Interstate 10 at approximately 10 a.m. on Saturday. During the patrol, the sergeant observed a driver operating a vehicle in a reckless manner.

When the patrol officer’s vehicle was spotted by the suspect vehicle, it reportedly sped away and collided with several cars. After the crash, multiple individuals inside the suspect vehicle fled on foot.

According to Sgt. Phil Krynsky, the patrol unit involved in the incident tried to avoid the collision but ended up hitting a child who had entered the road. The child had exited a vehicle that was also part of the initial collision.

The child was admitted to the hospital and is currently in a stable state. The adults who were part of the accident were also hospitalized, but thankfully their injuries were not life-threatening.

There was no further information provided.