Photo Credit: Amazon

Amazon Drone Delivery is Coming to Arizona

Since starting drone delivery in College Station, Texas and Lockeford, California in 2022, Amazon has delivered thousands of items to customers in less than an hour. Last year Amazon also began delivering prescription medications in partnership with Amazon Pharmacy to customers in College Station. The delivery service has reportedly received great feedback from customers and communities as they have rolled out the service.

Amazon recently announced plans to add a new location and is entering into the next stage of the program’s evolution. Later this year, drone deliveries will be coming to the West Valley of the Phoenix Metro Area.

With this new location, delivery will be fully integrated into Amazon’s delivery network, meaning, for the first time, drones will deploy from facilities next to their Same-Day Delivery site in Tolleson. These smaller sites are hybrid—part fulfillment center, part delivery station. They allow Amazon to fulfill, sort, and deliver products all from one site so they can get packages out to customers even quicker. Their Same-Day Delivery sites are situated close to the large metro areas they serve, which means customers get their orders faster. And with connections to the larger Amazon fulfillment centers nearby, they are able to offer Same-Day Delivery on millions of items.

Amazon is currently working with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and local officials in Tolleson to obtain all necessary permissions to conduct these deliveries in Tolleson. Once we’ve received all the necessary approvals, we’ll begin reaching out to customers in the West Valley so they can receive drone deliveries when the service goes live later this year.

“As Amazon embarks on the national expansion of its Amazon Drone Delivery Program, we’re proud to have their innovative presence in our community. By bringing this service to new communities, they’re not just delivering goods; they’re delivering opportunities and economic growth for all,” said Juan F. Rodriguez, mayor of Tolleson. “Amazon’s commitment to innovation exemplifies the entrepreneurial spirit that drives our city forward.”

“This kind of delivery is the future, and it’s exciting that it will be starting in the Phoenix Metro Area,” said Kate Gallego, mayor of Phoenix. “The shift toward zero-emission package delivery will help us reduce local pollution and further cement our city as a hotbed for the innovative technology of tomorrow.”

The Amazon team is currently conducting flight tests for their new MK30 drone. This new drone includes innovative, safety-critical features that allow it to deliver packages to customers with smaller backyards and in more densely populated suburban areas. The MK30 is quieter and can fly twice as far as their current drone. While the Amazon current drone flies during clear weather, the new MK30 can operate in more diverse weather conditions, including light rain.

Amazon is currently flying the new MK30 drone and putting it through its paces at their indoor and outdoor test facilities. They will use the data from this process to demonstrate to regulators around the world the reliability of their system. The MK30 drone will make deliveries to customers later this year.

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