Man Arrested For Luring Scottsdale Children Online Through Online Apps

Scottsdale police are actively searching for additional victims

Jacob Lozano

Scottsdale police have reported the arrest of a man for engaging in inappropriate sexual behavior with minors he encountered on gaming and social media sites.

During November 2023, the Scottsdale police were informed by a resident of Scottsdale through the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. The individual reported the discovery of a sexually explicit conversation between their 11-year-old child and the perpetrator, Jacob Lozano.

According to the police, while conducting their investigation, they were able to determine that the individual communicating with the child was Lozano, who resided in Florida.

Lozano is reported to have utilized gaming and social media platforms to communicate with minors and pressure them into participating in inappropriate sexual acts via video. Additionally, authorities discovered evidence indicating that Lozano shared these videos after the fact.

During the course of Scottsdale’s investigation, it was revealed that there were several more victims, including two more children who were residing in Scottsdale.

Lozano was arrested in Florida with the help of the DeSoto County Sheriff’s Office after Scottsdale detectives obtained a nationwide warrant and traveled there for his arrest.

The Scottsdale law enforcement is currently in the process of actively seeking out additional potential victims related to this perpetrator. If anyone suspects that their child may have come into contact with Lozano, they are encouraged to contact 480-312-TIPS.

The Scottsdale police are collaborating with various agencies in different regions to identify additional victims following the search of Lozano’s residence and the discovery of more evidence.

Lozano is set to be extradited to Maricopa County, although the specific charges he is facing have not yet been divulged by the Scottsdale police.