Kia Issues Recall On 427,000 SUVs, May Have a Potential To Roll Away When Parked

Kia has announced a recall of over 427,000 Telluride SUVs due to a potential issue that could result in the vehicles moving unexpectedly when parked.

As per records published by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there are concerns that the intermediate shaft and right front driveshaft of specific 2020-2024 Tellurides may not fully lock in place. This could eventually result in “unintended vehicle movement” when the cars are parked, potentially increasing the risk of accidents.

According to documents from NHTSA, Kia America made the decision to recall all 2020-2023 model year Tellurides and certain 2024 models earlier this month. There were no reports of injuries or accidents at the time of the recall.

Kia America suspects that incorrect assembly may have caused the shaft engagement issue, leading to a recall of 2020-2024 Tellurides produced from Jan. 9, 2019 to Oct. 19, 2023. It is estimated that approximately 1% of the vehicles may be affected by this defect.

In order to address this problem, according to documentations, dealers will provide a software update for the electronic parking brake of the affected vehicles and replace any intermediate shafts that may have been damaged at no cost. Additionally, owners who have already paid for repairs will receive reimbursement.

During this time, drivers of the affected Tellurides are advised to manually activate the emergency brake before leaving the car. They can also verify if their particular vehicle is part of the recall by using the NHTSA website and/or Kia’s recall search platform to find more information.

The letters notifying the owner will be sent out on May 15, while the dealer notification will start a few days earlier.