Isabel Celis’ Tucson Murder Retrial Results in Clements’ Conviction on All Charges

Isabel Celis

In Tucson, Arizona, Christopher Clements was convicted on Thursday, February 29th for all charges in the retrial of Isabel Celis’ murder, which included first-degree murder, kidnapping, and second-degree burglary.

Last year, the initial jury was unable to reach a decision on whether Clements was responsible for kidnapping and murdering Celis.

In November 2022, Clements was convicted of the kidnapping and murder of 13-year-old Maribel Gonzales and was already serving a life sentence.

In 2017, he disclosed to the FBI the location of Celis’ remains, leading to him becoming a suspect in the Celis case. In return for revealing this information, unrelated charges against him were dropped. He stated that he was aware of the whereabouts of the remains, but denied any involvement in her death.

In 2012, Celis went missing from her residence. This conviction finally gives closure to the Celis family.