Instagram Users Concerned About Hackers, Report Being Logged Out of the App

After being logged out of their accounts on Thursday afternoon, Instagram users turned to alternative social media platforms to voice their frustration.

According to reports, Instagram faced widespread difficulties on Thursday as thousands of users in the United States encountered problems with the app at 5 p.m. MST.

According to a reports on Reddit, many expressed feeling anxious when the application unexpectedly signed them out.

Users expressed their distress when they suddenly found themselves logged out of all their Instagram accounts without any prior notice, email, or warning of violating any policies. Despite their attempts to reset their password or log back in, they were unable to do so. They also noticed that their account was not showing up when they searched for it, adding to their confusion and stress.

A number of other individuals responded, stating that they also encountered the same problem.

There was no comment from Meta on the outage that occurred on Thursday. No updates were provided about the status of Meta’s other apps or platforms.