Husband Of Former Maricopa County Attorney Kills 2 People and Commits Suicide on Christmas Eve

A tragedy occurred on Sunday night at the hands of the widower of former Maricopa County Attorney Allister Adel, who police are reporting murdered two women and committed suicide during a holiday gathering on Christmas Eve.

Phoenix police report that the results of a holiday gathering on Sunday turned tragic, with three people losing their lives due to a dispute.

According to police, a 47 year old man by the name of David DeNitto took the lives of two women and then ended his own with a gunshot.

Police officers responded to a residence in Phoenix, near Central Avenue and Bethany Home Roads at approximately 11:30 p.m. and discovered two females with gunshot wounds. According to property records, DeNitto and the late Allister Adel, who was the ex-Maricopa County Attorney and passed away in April of 2022, owned the home.

Two women, Cynthia Domini aged 83 and Maryalice Cash aged 47, were admitted to the hospital where they were later declared dead.  DeNitto died at the scene.

Police stated, based on early information, that Cash and DeNitto were in a romantic relationship. The relationship between Domini and De Nitto is unclear.

Monday morning, Rachel Mitchell, the Maricopa County Attorney who succeeded Adel, verified the identities of the victims released the following statement:

“It is impossible to comprehend a tragedy such as this. Words cannot adequately express the flood of sorrow. I ask the community to join me in praying for the families affected and, most especially, Allister’s children. I also ask that the community surround the families with love, kindness, and a respect for the need for privacy.”

DeNitto and Adel had two sons.

Allister Adel Role in Arizona Politics

For three years, Allister Adel DeNitto was the Maricopa County Attorney, from October 2019 to March 2022, and she was the first female to ever hold the position in Arizona.

The November 2020 election made Adel’s one-year interim role in office official, resulting in their election to the position. She underwent emergency surgery to stop a brain bleed after suffering from a fall in her home on election night 2020.

After healing from her accident, Adel later sought treatment for an eating disorder and alcohol use.

Adel resigned in 2022 after her office reportedly botched nearly 200 cases by not filing paperwork on time. Allister Adel, 45, died last year. Her family said it was due to health complications.

This situation is still unfolding, with a full investigation underway. No additional information has been released.