Historic Phoenix Building Scheduled For Demolition

The Clinton Campbell House, a 19th-century historic downtown Phoenix building, is set to be demolished. The building is one of the few historic structures left in Phoenix, and is set to be taken down late-summer.

Preservationists Voicing Concern

Steve Dreiseszun, a local preservationist, is a leading community voice seeking to preserve this historic building. He has stated that this building is among 50 remaining in the city, which date back to the 19th century. He argues that a “bridge to the past” such as this building, could easily be redeveloped or modernly adapted, rather than demolished.

The building is located at 357 North Fourth Avenue, in downtown Phoenix. Clinton Campbell, a highly skilled and prominent Phoenix contractor, originally built the structure 120 years ago. Although many of his buildings are still intact, his legacy will be maligned if the Clinton Campbell House is demolished.

Glasir Capital Partners LLC, the development agency which owns the Campbell House, suggested that restoring the building would not be in their interests. Glasir claims the estimated $200,000 restoration of the building, would be more expensive than the home’s market worth. Aside from restoration, relocation is another option. However, because the building is extensively damaged, relocation may not be financially feasible.

Demolition Plans Moving Forward

Last March, Glasir attempted to gain needed permits for the demolition of the building. The Historic Preservation Commission immediately met the firm with resistance. The HPC hoped this would give preservationists the time they need to, in unison, voice their concerns.

Although efforts to preserve the building seem to be falling by the wayside, Steve Dreiseszun and other preservationists are still putting up a fight. By simply giving in, he believes that the city may eventually be the victim of containing very little “architectural history.”

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