Frontier Airlines Has A New Bag Policy That Requires Travelers To Drop Bags Off Earlier

Travelers be warned. Starting this month, Frontier Airlines will be closing check-in bag drop earlier.

Frontier, known for their affordable airfare is imposing a new rule for travelers that involves closing their check-in counters and bag drop locations 60 minutes prior departures. Meaning, if you are checking bags, you cannot be late or your bags won’t be make the journey with you.

The company has instituted their new policy as a means to cut down on delays caused by backed-up lines at the check-in counter and to improve the baggage check-in process across all airports. The new policy will start on Aug. 16.

“We continue to be committed to getting you and your bags to your destination without interruption,” Frontier wrote in a Facebook post about the new policy.

Currently Frontier check-in counters close 45 minutes prior to departures. Travelers will now have to plan to arrive to the airport earlier.

There is a distinct difference with bag check in policies compared to other major U.S. airlines. Frontier’s competitor, Spirit Airlines, has a 45-minute requirement for check in before departure.  Delta’s check-in counters close from 30 to 45 minutes before departure, depending on the airport.

Frontier reports the reason for the change is due to the high demand for summer travel amongst staffing shortages.