Deer Valley Unified School District Issues A Warning To Parents Of Someone Attempting To Lure Children Into Vehicle With Candy

Deer Valley Unified School District has issued a warning to families of reports that someone has attempted to lure students into their vehicle on two known occasion.

An official school letter was sent out this week to parents and guardians regarding two known incidences that involved the same vehicle that transpired on the morning of October 4.

A Deer Valley Middle School student who was waiting for the morning bus reported to have been approached and offered candy. The student’s smart action involved walking away and after getting on the bus, calling 911.

A second incident occurred with a Constitution Elementary School student who was riding a bike to school. That student reported the same experience to staff when arriving to school.

School letter details that the person(s) in that incident “attempted to grab the student, but were thankfully unsuccessful.”

Phoenix police were called and responded to both schools to file a report and investigate the situations.

School officials are asking parents to remind students to travel to school in groups whenever possible, be on alert and pay attention to their surroundings at all times, and never talk to strangers if approached.

Police are urging anyone with information to contact police. A description of the suspect or car have not been provided.