Car Insurance Rates Continue To Rise Around Arizona

Regardless of whether or not they have an accident on their motor vehicle records, many drivers around the Phoenix-metro area are experiencing higher car insurance rates again this year.

At least one Arizona driver voiced their frustration regarding the persistent rate increases. Lynn Vanfossan said, “If I’m going out and getting into accidents every day, or every week then yeah – my rates should go up. But if I’m a safe driver and haven’t had any accidents on my record, I think I should benefit from that.”

Insurance experts blame a variety of reasons for the inflation of premiums including the region’s booming population, more traffic congestion and accidents, and more distracted drivers.

Car insurance rates are often based on a driver’s ZIP code. For instance, drivers that reside within Phoenix-area ZIP code 85009 are averaging the highest premiums at $1836. Some Arizona cities with the lowest premiums include Chandler, Sun City West and Prescott Valley. The national average for 2018 was $1470.

But, according to American Family Insurance agent Jennifer Swenson there are several other factors that are also reviewed when establishing what customers pay, ranging from driving histories and credit scores to crime rates and even new technology.

Swenson elaborated, “Not only do we have technology with our phones that creates a major distraction for many of us when we’re driving, but it also plays a factor into our vehicles – because when there is damage done to a vehicle, it costs a lot more to repair.”



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