The Phoenix Cyber Center To Open This Spring

Students will soon have a new place to learn about cyber literacy and security. The Phoenix Cyber Center is slated to open this spring.

The owner of the center, Cybint Solutions, plans to open it in Skaled Sandbox, a downtown Phoenix complex also planned to open in the coming months.

A press release described Phoenix Cyber Center as “a region wide hub and ecosystem for top-tier cyber education, public and private community resources, solutions and thought leadership.”

The center will offer classes at all levels. So, if you’re wary of learning about cyber literacy due to lack of experience, don’t worry.

Cybint Solutions and Skaled Sandbox are also partnering with the Arizona Department of Veteran’s Services to award scholarships to three veterans who are seeking cyber-related careers.

“We’re excited at the opportunities we see in the start-up and entrepreneurial landscape, and our partnership with Skaled Sandbox,” says the Cybint Solutions CEO, Roy Zur.

“There’s great awareness within this space of the need for cyber knowledge and expertise, and with Skaled Sandbox I believe we can make a difference, setting fledgling businesses up for success and continuing to further our mission of closing the skills gap in the cyber world.”

If you’re interested in learning more, Cybint Solutions and Skaled Sandbox will be leading a discussion at PHX Startup Week.

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