Photo Credit: Aspen University

Aspen University Nursing Program Given Notice Of Possible Shutdown

Students who are currently in the process of obtaining their Nursing degree at a local school should be deeply concerned they will not be able to complete their program

The Arizona State Board of Nursing voted on Thursday to place Aspen University’s nursing program on a 10-day notice of potential shutdown due to the program’s ongoing struggle to meet basic educational requirements.

During the special meeting on Thursday, the concerns in question were the program’s curriculum, clinical hours and nurse licensing exam scores board. They Board voiced concerned over a noticeable pattern of behavior that has been concerning.

The board is set to meet again after the 10 day period to determine a final decision. If their concerns remain, their vote will stand and students who are near graduation will not be allowed to complete their program.

Aspen University nursing students are deeply concerned that their time and investment may have been wasted.

In September of 2022, the Aspen University reportedly agreed to voluntarily surrender their state-issued nursing program approval after completing their remaining students program. That planned teach-out is in jeopardy as the state remains to have big concerns over the basic education requirements that the school is not meeting.

If the program is shut down, there has been no solution provided for those students who are in the midst of their program. It is doubtful those will be able to recover their financial investment or if they will be permitted to complete their nursing program at another university.