Arizona Department Of Revenue Urges Consumers To Research Unclaimed Properties

Arizona has millions of dollars in unclaimed properties and is encouraging both consumers and businesses to check for possible unclaimed money.

After twelve months, Arizona returned a record number of $64.3 million (the 2017 fiscal year saw only $57 million). The period ended on June 30 with about 17,759 claims successfully processed. Some of these claims are made by non-Arizona residents. The average claim is more than $3,600.

“Unclaimed property” includes any Arizona state tax refunds, cash in old bank accounts, or uncashed payroll checks. Others may include credit balances, items in inactive safety deposit boxes, rebates, and deposits.

Occasionally residents of Arizona will forget about some of these properties if and when they move to another state. If this applies to you, you can still make a claim if you no longer live in Arizona.

If you believe you have unclaimed property, you can visit www.azunclaimed.gov, or www.azdor.gov via the “Unclaimed Property” tab on the bottom of the page. You can also speak to someone personally by calling the department at (602) 364- 0380 or by emailing unclaimedproperty@azdor.gov.

To begin the process, the department will send you a form that you will need to fill out to claim any property. Properties are then returned when the owner gives legal documentation of ownership.