(Photo -Angie's Prime Grill)

Angie’s Prime Grill Opening Soon

Tony and Roushan Christofellis have changed how the valley eats with two of their drive thru concepts restaurants and now, they are opening a third that is unlike anything anyone has seen before.

The Christofellis’ concept of Salad and Go was such a hit that they sold off their stake and pivoted to open Angie’s Lobster, a popular drive-thru lobster rolls concept that is known for their $9.99 lobster meal.

The entrepreneurial couple isn’t stopping with lobster! Soon they will be opening another drive-thru concept that will serve up USDA Prime Top Sirloin Steak at an affordable price.

Angie’s Prime Grill will offer gourmet meals, using ingredients normally found at high-end restaurants, for the same price and convenience of a drive-thru fast food meal!  The restaurant will serve steak, organic chicken and lobster in a bowl, burrito or on a salad for the low price of $9.99 for the entire meal that comes with a drink.

Inspired by my mother, Angela Christofellis, Angie’s mission is to make luxury foods affordable to everyone. Their menu offerings are the same as a high-end restaurant, using premium and organic ingredients like heirloom tomatoes, Persian cucumbers, organic romaine and house-made sauces made with premium extra virgin olive oil, without any preservatives or additives and packed with bold flavors. The difference between Angie’s Prime Grill and a Prime Steakhouse is they are pricing their meals competitive with the typical fast food meal, along with the speed and convenience of a drive-thru.

Angie’s Prime Grill will serve 3 prime cuts of meat, 6 flavor styles, all which share some ingredients, and 3 different ways to enjoy each flavor. That’s 54 menu items made from a limited, but premium ingredient list.

Click here for the complete menu.

The first Angie’s Prime Grill will open in Phoenix on October 16th at 880 E. Lone Cactus, Phoenix, AZ 85024