Americans Disappointed in Air Travel, Study Says

According to J.D. Power 2022 North America Airport Satisfaction Study, people are disappointed in air travel. The overall satisfaction rating is down 25 points from 2021, where air travel satisfaction had reached all new heights. The dip in satisfaction is attributed to fewer flights, more crowded terminals and sparse food and beverage offerings.

“The combination of pent-up demand for air travel, the nationwide labor shortage and steadily rising prices on everything from jet fuel to a bottle of water have created a scenario in which airports are extremely crowded and passengers are increasingly frustrated—and it is likely to continue through 2023,” said Michael Taylor, a travel intelligence lead at J.D. Power.

“In some ways, this is a return to normal as larger crowds at airports tend to make travelers more frazzled, but in cases where parking lots are over capacity, gates are standing room only and restaurants and bars are not even open to offer some reprieve, it is clear that increased capacity in airports can’t come soon enough.”

According to the report, 58% of airport travelers describe the airport terminal as severely or moderately crowded, and 24% of travelers say they did not make any food or beverage purchases at the airport because they were too expensive.

There are also complaints about parking. Many travelers complain that there aren’t enough parking spaces for the amount of people frequenting the airport; others complain that parking fees has increased this year, which adds challenges to the already stressful travel experience.

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