ADOT Has Completed 24 Critical Pavement Repair Projects In 2023

Since the record-setting winter of 2022-2023, the Arizona Department of Transportation has completed 24 projects to repair damaged pavement on more than 300 miles of state highway.

These projects, made possible by a commitment of $90.5 million, have ended for this year but will continue when warm weather returns in 2024. Much of the work completed to date has been in northern Arizona, where snow, rain and repeated freeze-thaw cycles combined with the effects of pavement aging to create ideal conditions for potholes and other surface damage.

Early next year, pavement repair projects are planned for:

  • Interstate 10 southeast of Casa Grande, between mileposts 200-209
  • Business 10 in Willcox between mileposts 337-344

In the spring, projects are planned:

  • US 93 northwest of Kingman between mileposts 59-70
  • US 93 south of I-40 from mileposts 95-97
  • US 93 northwest of Wickenburg from mileposts 174-176

This year, ADOT completed critical pavement repair projects on sections of I-40, I-17, I-10, US 60, US 93, State Route 260, SR 87, and SR 77. A list of completed and planned projects is available at

These pavement repairs vary in size and complexity based on conditions, in some cases replacing small areas of damaged pavement on segments spread across several miles of a roadway. Long stretches of the top 2 inches of surface pavement were replaced in other areas, including 20 miles of SR 260 between Rim Road near Forest Lakes and Heber.

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