$100 Million Verizon Class Action Settlement Finalized, What Customers Need To Know To Determine If They Are Eligible

A class action settlement, estimated to be worth $100 million, could soon be available to Verizon customers.

A lawsuit, lodged in the state of New Jersey, claims that customers on certain Verizon’s monthly plans have been charged hidden administrative fees in an “unfair and misleading” way. The legal action can be seen here.

Customers affected by the charges between January 1, 2016 and November 8, 2023 have until the spring to submit their claims regarding the settlement.

What to be Informed of Regarding the Verizon Class Action Lawsuit

Verizon and the party taking legal action have come to an agreement to end the lawsuit.

Verizon has denied any fault despite the resolution of the case. By accepting the payment, neither the settlement class nor Verizon are admitting that Verizon should be held accountable for the claims or the defense of the case has any worth.

People who join the legal action will not be able to file a case against Verizon concerning this matter in the future.

Verizon will not be stopping the administrative charge according to the website and they maintain that they are permitted to raise the fee.

The settlement agreement posted on the website states that in order to be compliant, Verizon must make modifications to their Customer Agreement, which includes updated Administrative Charge disclosures.

Rich Young, a spokesperson for Verizon, issued a statement explaining that, multiple times throughout the sales transaction, their marketing material, contracts, and billing make it clear that Verizon’s Wireless Consumer Admin Charge is included. He went on to note that this charge is meant to cover certain regulatory and network related costs.

Who is eligible to receive the settlement from Verizon?

Those who had wireless or data services during the time frame of Jan. 1, 2016 to Nov. 8, 2023 and were charged administrative fees are eligible.

Qualified customers can expect to receive a maximum of $100, the exact amount being determined by the duration of their customer tenure.

Steps to receive your compensation

Qualified individuals will receive either a letter sent by mail or an email with details on how to get their compensation.

By April 15, 2024, those eligible must submit a claim in order to receive a settlement payment.

No settlement payment will be given if no action is taken. A claim must be made by April 15, 2024 in order to be eligible for a payment.

People who fail to make a formal complaint against Verizon will have no right to pursue legal action regarding these matters and must obey any judgement the court makes on the suit.

If you would like to be excluded from the lawsuit, you must submit a written request for exclusion to the Verizon Administrative Charge Settlement Administrator no later than February 20th, 2024. Please mail the request to P.O. Box 58220, Philadelphia, PA 19102 and mark it for Attention: Exclusions.

If you need additional info or wish to initiate a claim, go to www.VerizonAdministrativeChargeSettlement.com.