Walgreens To Move Tempe Offices To Chandler

Walgreens plans for Arizona are unfolding quite rapidly, as it seeks to move its Tempe offices to Chandler, Arizona. In doing so, the company plans to hire around two hundred additional employees. Walgreens made this announcement this past Tuesday, the same time it an announced plans to supplement its hiring.

Come this fall, the company plans to build a pharmacy support center that will in total, amount to around 60,000 sq ft. This is planned to occur somewhere near Germann and Price roads.

The company stated in a recent press release that the additional pharmacy, acting as a support center, will free up various pharmacy workers throughout the country from having to perform excess customer support type tasks. In doing so, they will be able to more easily provide service to patients of Walgreens. Rex Swords, Vice President of Operations Planning, expressed excitement at his company’s new changes, feeling as though the company will now be able to more appropriately relegate customer service tasks across its base of employees.

The new Chandler facility will primarily hold a variety of pharmacists, as well as agents working in call centers. Doug Ducey, Arizona’s governor, seemed to be in support of these changes, commenting that they will benefit a wide range of people. He stated that the East Valley will be greatly benefited by these changes, due to an increase in jobs, as well as a new approach to customer service for Arizona citizens. These jobs will be both level to or higher than existing Maricopa County wages.

Jay Tibshraeny, Chandler’s Mayor, even seems to be pleased with Walgreen’s recent actions. Chandler, which has increasingly become a technology and health hub in Arizona, will now only add to this new tradition. In addition, the local economy will be greatly boosted.

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