Very Special 8-Year Old Wants To See Taylor Swift

On March 17 2018 a young girl and her father were rushed to the hospital after an explosion involving a fire pit in their front yard in North Phoenix. The father had burns to his wrists and legs. The 8-year-old girl had burns to her torso and lower extremities. Both were in critical condition. The girl, Isabella McCune had burns over sixty five percent of her body has been in the hospital since then. Amazingly she will be ok but has a lot of medical procedures to undergo first. After nearly a month in the hospital she is beginning to talk and finally was able to take her first steps. She recently was able to hug her mother for the first time since the accident. Her doctor, Kevin Foster, who is the director at the Arizona Burn Center says she is doing well. She will need three or four surgeries to get the grafts that she will need. 

The doctor said the support she gets from family and friends and even strangers is helping her make it through. Isabella Has people visiting her at the hospital and bringing cards and stuffed animals for her.  She was even honored by her fellow students in the third grade at Boulder Creek Elementary School.  She was awarded the “Leader of the pack” award. All this helps Isabella and keeps her spirits up. But there is one thing she really wants. She wants to go to Taylor Swift’s concert in Glendale in May.

There is one major problem with her attending the concert. Her doctor says she will still be in the hospital and it is not safe for her to go. Isabella has accepted that fact but is holding out hope that Taylor Swift will take the time from her busy schedule to come to the hospital to see her. Isabella says that would be really nice of Swift and would really mean a lot to her.