Tucson Man Accused Of Firing Shotgun At Former Employer

Zane James Hammond Photo Credit: Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office

Court documents released Wednesday revealed that a man from Tucson drove to Phoenix and opened fire on his former supervisor with a shotgun.

Zane James Hammond, who had been drinking at his home prior to the incident, traveled approximately 120 miles in his Chevy pickup truck to the offices of United Freight Service near Seventh Street and the I-17, arriving at 3:30 p.m.

Law enforcement personnel stated that the man had obtained a shotgun and entered the building, walked through the lobby and into his former supervisor’s office. Upon seeing Hammond, the employer dove beneath the desk. Court documents detail it was then that Hammond discharged his firearm. The bullet ricocheted off the floor below the desk and struck the office furniture, not the supervisor. The victim then flipped the desk to conceal himself from Hammond.

The victim was in the office with another man, according to police, and when Hammond raised the shotgun, the other worker attempted to grab the gun, pushed it away and was able to put Hammond in a chokehold. As the two were struggling, the boss intervened by punching Hammond twice in the midsection. He then instructed the other worker to retrieve the gun, which was done. Hammond was held in a chokehold until law enforcement arrived.

Once Hammond was arrested, officials discovered that he had left his job at United Freight Services earlier that same day. Allegedly, his managers had scolded him for not adhering to the driving regulations while piloting commercial vehicles and for his lack of hygiene.

Court documents revealed that Hammond had been angry due to his treatment from his supervisor and quit after a heated discussion. When asked to explain what occurred at his workplace, he declined to speak without legal representation. Consequently, he was jailed on counts such as attempted homicide, assault with a deadly weapon and disorderly behavior, with a bail of $500,000 cash-only.