Southwest Airlines Offers Policy To Let “Passengers of Size” Have An Entire Seat Without Cost

The low-cost airline Southwest Airlines has earned praise from “passengers of size” on TikTok after learning that they can get an extra seat at no cost to offer more room for their size. Depending on their requirements, they may be able to request one or two extra seats.

Southwest Airlines now has an customer of size and extra seat policy which provides an extra seat to those whose physical proportions require more space than the armrests can offer. They are possibly the only, airline that provides this courtesy to customers of larger size without charge.

Southwest’s passengers of size can purchase buy one seat and then talk with the Customer Service Representative at the boarding gate about their seating requirements. If it is found that a second or third seat is needed, the passenger will be given an extra seat free of charge.

The flight personnel will then attempt to rearrange the seating, potentially moving other travelers to make room for the passenger’s need.

In addition, customers also have the option to buy additional seats ahead of time and later request reimbursement from Southwest for the price of these extra seats.

The policy indicates that if a customer requires more space than the original seat they have purchased, they are required to purchase additional seats in advance. By doing so, it provides the airline with sufficient information to plan seating arrangements on board.

The policy goes on to say that this helps to guarantee that all Passengers on the flight they booked a ticket for can be taken care of, and that no one has to give up their seat due to unexpected needs. Most importantly, it ensures that everyone onboard has a safe and comfortable seat. After their travels, Passengers may reach out to us for a refund of the cost of any extra seating.

TikTokers have recently discovered the policy and have been able to get extra seats on Southwest Airlines flights gratis. This has caused a surge in views on the platform as they show themselves approaching Southwest staff and obtaining the free seats. Customers are now praising Southwest for making airline transportation available and pleasant for everyone.