Scottsdale PD Seeking Public’s Help to Locate Suspects Linked to Fashion Square Looting

Last year, Scottsdale Fashion Square sustained significant damage when looters broke into the mall and many of the stores inside and now the Scottsdale Police department needs the public’s continued help in locating six suspects.

Authorities have already arrested 57 people in connection to the May 30, 2020, night of vandalism, which has resulted in the return of over $241,000 worth of merchandise to the businesses.

Scottsdale Fashion Square closed after the incident occurred and reopened the mall on June 10th. Urban Outfitters, the Apple Store and Neiman Marcus were among the stores that sustained most of the damage.

The Scottsdale Police Department is asking for the public’s help to identify six suspects in connection to the looting last year.

The first suspect is described as a 20-30 year old male, who stands between 5-foot-6 to 5-foot-10 inches tall with dark hair. On the night of the incident, he was seen wearing a white shirt, tan pants and black shoes.

The second male suspect is described as 20-30 years old, standing at 5-foot-7 to 5-foot-11 with a heavy build and dark hair. He was seen wearing a black shirt, black hat, gray jeans and white shoes.

A third suspect is described as a female, between 20-30 years old, 5-foot-3 to 5-foot-6 inches tall with dark hair. In the looting footage, she is seen wearing a black top, jean shorts with plaid shirt wrapped around her waist, black sandals and carrying a brown clutch purse.

All three suspects were seen on camera leaving together in a silver SUV.

In addition, Scottsdale police are seeking another male suspect was described as around 18-25 years old with dark hair who stands at 5-foot-5 to 5-foot-9. He seen wearing a black shirt with white writing, black “LA” hat, gray pants and blue mask.

A fifth suspect described as a 20-30 year old male, 5-foot-10 to 6-foot-1 inches tall with dark hair. He was seen wearing a black shirt, black-and-white sport pants, black shoes, gray gloves and a multicolored mask.

The final suspect is described as a 5-foot-8 to 6-foot male, approximately 18-25 years old with blond/yellow hair. He was seen wearing a white long-sleeve shirt, tan pants, black-and-white hat, black-and-white shoes and a purple bandana.

If you have information on any of the suspects, authorities urge you to call the Scottsdale Police Department at 480-312-5000 or Silent Witness at 480-948-6377.


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